New Clam Shell Die Cutter is Already Proving Itself a Winner

Clam-Shell-Die-Cutter813The delivery of a new Clam Shell Die Cutter this past week has already seen the other two clam shell machines being virtually ignored. The new Cauhe machine from Spain is the cutter of choice for the operators now and it’s not just because they have a new piece of kit to ‘play’ with either.

What the operators like about the new machine is the fact that it operates on dwell time so the regular cycle of the machine makes it easier for the team on shift to get into a rhythm. With a scissor lift either side of the platform it makes the process very smooth. There’s no stopping and starting, hitting buttons or stuttering productivity.

I can see us fitting laser guided safety systems retrospectively to our other machines so that they can operate on dwell too.

In conjunction with the new XY glue table that was delivered the week before the whole operation is just so much smoother and more efficient. Money well spent!