Whyte & Mackay


At Easypack our motto is Inspire. Create. Deliver.

As specialists in the design of Floor Standing Display Units, Easypack produce thousands of displays ever week. Although there are many standard, basic designs that we use which meet the retailer in-store guidelines for mass merchandising, we also get many unique enquiries for bespoke display units.

One such enquiry this summer came from Whyte & Mackay (the whisky people) in Glasgow. Whyte & Mackay is proud of its heritage, passionate about its’ history, its’ people and most of all its’ award winning whisky. And so, they needed an FSDU to merchandise one of their brands, Jura.

For all you non-whisky drinkers, Jura is an exquisite Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Isle of Jura, off the west coast of Scotland. This malt has a subtle, sweet yet smoky flavour. Our client needed a ‘beautiful’ display solution to match the exquisiteness of the product and it was intended to be merchandised in key outlets in the overseas German market.

The display unit would hopefully have ad hoc placement in grocers, convenience and specialty outlets. The display had to be easy to transport and handle, while achieving a stockholding capacity of a minimum of 24 bottles, and have of course an easy assembly in store.

We were handed a visual that the client’s design agency had supplied. A beautiful artistic impression of how the display would appear, but it was the job of Easypack’s CAD design team to interpret this concept.


We highlighted what was feasible and would work in store. We also had to bear in mind what would be the most practical solution and cost effective production to fit within the client’s budget and their branding requirements.


Easypack improved upon a good idea to make it better and indeed structurally feasible. From a simple 2 shelf FSDU concept, designed to hold the weight of the precious Jura whisky (in EB Flute corrugate), the sides of the unit wrapped around the inside of the display to create the impression of a double-sided print. That of course kept the production costs to a minimum.  A smoother Display Board material was used to create die-cut bottle images which would be applied to the sides of the unit in-store. These unique side panel attachments also incorporated an oversized header to enhance the Jura FSDU with an almost theatrical presentation.

The complete unit was delivered individually flat-packed for a simple 2 minute assembly in-store and so it was both functional and dramatic.

Easypack were delighted to assist Whyte & Mackay with this unique marketing campaign. We are pleased to say that the units have been well received in their intended market and feedback has been so great that a further order is imminent.

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