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#EasypackPOPhelp: Changing Your POP Display Supplier … and Getting It Right.

New Supplier End to End

Recently, a company asked us to be their new supplier for quite a large amount of regular POP display work, which is great, but what was interesting is that they asked very few questions before switching their account to us. It was a little surprising as, generally speaking, when we take on a new client they tend to check us out from a number of different angles. Now, we’re happy with that as the truth always bears up under examination but this one got us thinking;

If you are changing your supplier, how can you ensure you get it right and really benefit from the change?

How can you avoid the many pitfalls and make things as seamless as possible?

What do you need to ask?

As we talked about it more and more questions came up, questions that the client should ask of themselves and questions that should be asked of potential POP display suppliers. We even asked some of our clients and, interestingly, it was when we told them the questions we thought should be asked that they understood how easy it can be to get it very wrong, no matter how experienced, and end up with costly issues and disruption.

Anyway, as this became such a hot topic of conversation it was decided that any business buying POP display solutions could really benefit by knowing what to consider and why. So, we have produced a guide to changing suppliers and not only listed the questions that should be asked but also the answers to look for and expect.

Armed with these questions and answers any business looking for a knowledgeable, dependable POP display solutions partner could make a fully qualified decision.

End to End POP Supplier

So far, everyone who’s seen the guide has found a number of questions that they just would not have thought of asking a potential POP display supplier, questions that could potentially make all the difference when judging their capabilities, attitude and dependability.

So if you are, or may be thinking about changing your POP display supplier, you could find this a really valuable guide … and if you think of any additional questions that you would ask, we’d be very interested to hear them, and perhaps include them in a future issue.

Get your copy of “Choosing a new supplier… How much of an advantage can you gain using an End to End pos/pop display solutions provider?” here in print and as a download.

Looking forward to your feedback.