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#EasypackPOPhelp: Forget posters..try Wall Decor

Are you tired of posters for in-store visual merchandisng?

Easypack have developed a unique wall decor product which provides an alternative  to the poster…the Picture Box provides a high-end appearance for your visual merchandising.


Lightweight paper on board construction ensures our picture frames are extremely user-friendly and safe to handle, while giving the impression of custom artwork.

Bespoke, striking and vibrant prints can be created and printed to your unique requirements while maintaining a cost effective production with our digital printer.

Whether you need one or thousands, the Picture Box wall decor can be manufactured to the exact quantity that you require. 

Whether the Picture Box is hung on walls or resting on overhead shelving areas, they provide a simple and instant dressing within stores.  Additional elements can be added as lug-on attachments, such as the ‘gift ideas’ tag below, to create more interest and an extra 3D effect.Box Structure Header woth lug on giftag  cropped (2)

Wall decor printed to your specific artistic requirements can:

– complement existing store merchandise

– capture the essence of each season

encourage cross-selling

For more information please call 01638 715922 or e-mail