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#EasypackPOPhelp: Production Planning

How do you set the criteria for your POP Production Plans?

Once your print/POP supplier has gained the ‘retailer sign-off’ and the approvals from you as the client, for both the structural design and the graphic design, your order is then ready to be processed in-line with your previously agreed critical path.


Critical Path

It’s at this point that the materials and cutting forms are usually purchased to allow the production process to begin. It is worth checking with your potential supplier what action they would take if, for any reason, any of the previously agreed dates have slipped? It should be born in mind that most suppliers would, wherever possible, process in-line with standard shifts but if on a rare occasion something happened and a date slipped, what would they do to ensure your delivery date is still met? Could you co-ordinate with their production scheduling team and if needs be schedule additional hours or could alternative production methods be used? Could they, and would they, do all this at no additional cost to you?

Does your prospective supplier hold daily production meetings to ensure your project is on track? Is it attended by all the production team including the General Manager, Customer Service Manager, Lead Designer Print Manager, Production Manager and Warehousing/Distribution Manager?

Production Planner

It’s worth checking these things before you embark on a project with a supplier as it can mean the difference between success and failure in terms of hitting your targets consistently, including maintaining your original agreed project costs.


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