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#EasypackPOPhelp: Prototypes for Retail POP

How to Sell your Displays to Retail Buyers:

A retail customer may not recall all the marketing information about your brand’s sales offers or promotional campaigns, but they will recall any dynamic graphics, catchy logo and innovative packaging or POP Displays. So, it can be vital for your brand to get off fixture display to increase in-store visibility. That may be agreed and understood, but, it is easier said than done to get OFDs.

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As a brand, are you having trouble ‘selling in’ your retail display concepts at retail HQ? At Easypack we can provide full colour mocks-ups of your proposed POP displays. Once a store buyer sees your fabulous prototype display unit, your sales proposal is normally as good as sold. Easypack can create unique display concepts which meet all retail design guidelines while pushing the boundaries to achieve standout at store level. Great POP design with great artwork to match will draw the new customer’s attention while maintaining and strengthening the relationship of established customers.

Cutting-edge Design Technology:

Engineering innovative packaging design services is at the heart of what we do at Easypack POP Displays. Easypack’s CAD designers and account managers work directly with our clients to ascertain their exact requirements and to create product packaging and display design solutions that precisely meet their needs.

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What’s the product?  What’s the marketing message? Where is it going?

Easypack’s CAD designers have access to the latest in technological advances during the design process. Using cutting-edge design tools and advanced software programs our POP/packaging designers work smarter and faster. Easypack’s engineers can analyze products using in-house equipment or can work from drawings and specifications, depending on customer preferences and needs. Our design team can create unique packaging designs perfectly suited to your products in form and function.

By keeping open lines of communication with customers throughout the POP packaging design process, we can ensure that you receive the best possible products while keeping costs as low as possible. Additionally, our response time is among the best in the industry, typically requiring only 48 hour turn-around time on initial design proposals and less than a week for delivery on most prototype models.

Give us your retail brief and let us make your dream become a reality.

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It is essential that your print/POP supplier uses innovative technolgies in prototype cutting equipment  and the latest digital printers to produce samples for customer testing and approval.

Because we can perform all these processes in-house, our customers get their products back faster and can be more responsive to market changes. This allows Easypack’s customers to more quickly take advantage of current trends and to realize significant profits by delivering their products to market faster.

At Easypack POP Displays, we bring all the elements of packaging together to produce unparalleled results in design and manufacturing applications. This commitment to quality and accountability flows through every aspect of our work processes at Easypack.

            So, Bring It On!

For more information or help with prototype designs and retail display concepts please contact us at:

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