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How innovations in digital print technology are giving you more flexibility if you use retail ready packaging and POP displays.

Everybody knows that technology is moving at an increasingly frightening pace and it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything, but how much of a difference is the advance in digital print technology making to businesses that use retail ready packaging, shelf ready packaging and POP displays?

Having just invested in HP’s new 7600 digital printer, as you can imagine, we’re delighted with the flexibility it offers our clients. Not only that, it is also proving money well spent as it’s bringing us enquiries for new projects from existing clients as well as enquiries from new prospective clients.

So, how are these innovations in technology benefiting these companies?

Well, as we now have the ability to print on demand, the opportunity to increase the speed to market of retail displays is excellent. There are no set up times, as with traditional litho or screen print so, as long as the artwork is ready to go it can be on the machine and off again in no time. There have been times when a client has, for whatever reason, needed to turn something around within 24 hours and this machine has coped with it with ease. Of course, the speed of response also dramatically reduces the need for large stockholdings of certain items so it can free up space as well as capital. Speaking of speed, if your budget is tight, it is often possible for us to align the print speed with how much you have to spend. Simply put, the higher the quality, the slower the speed the machine has to run. Therefore, if you can live with a slightly lower quality of print, and it really can be a marginal difference, the press can run faster and that could make things more cost effective for you.

However, as this incredibly accurate, 6 colour digital printer is capable of the highest detail, if you do want top quality digital print, this machine can give it to you with remarkable consistency, even on the longest runs the last piece off will be exactly the same as the first. Every piece comes off virtually ready to retail!

I know I’m waxing lyrical about this but I’ve been around display packaging since I was a boy, working in this facility during school holidays, and I have to say it’s really very impressive.

With no origination charges this can be an enormously cost effective process for shorter runs.

The flexibility this machine gives is tremendous, it is possible to digitally print 1 or 2 samples for shows, presentations or mock ups; we have regular clients who will take five to a dozen pieces perhaps to test a particular market or gauge response to an upcoming offer.

As a ball park figure, regular runs of between ten pieces and up to about five hundred are ideally suited to this digital printer.

I’m sure there may be even more advantages to printing on this digital printer and I’m looking forward to discovering them … I’m off now to look at our new toy!

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