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#EaspackPOPhelp: Point of Sale & Point of Purchase Options

What are your POS/POP Display Options?

How can we help to get your brand or product noticed?

Easypack POP Displays are experts in Point of Sale/Point of Purchase Display Products, Cardboard Engineering and high quality Presentation & Display Solutions.

Our philosophy is not just to deliver well designed, well manufactured POP packaging but to do it in such a way that your part in the process is made as simple and easy as possible.
The focus is on your needs, not ours, we win by ensuring you win … It really is that simple!
Whether you are looking to find ‘The Unique’ for a presentation box/besoke carton, or simply trying to promote brand awareness and therefore maximise in-store sales, Easypack are here to help.

At Easypack we have the in-house expertise and hands-on experience to produce POS Display items including Floor Standing Display Units (FSDU), Pallet Displays, Counter Display Units (CDU), Shelf POS (shelf strips, aisle fins, plinths), Leaflet Dispensers, Standees/Display Figures or Window Displays. We also have the capabilities to produce 3D Mailers, and bespoke Presentation Boxes for items that need that extra protection to give a high impact.

Flat-Packed FSDUs


Free standing cardboard display units ensure branded products gain from a much greater exposure, therefore ensuring the product ‘Stands Out From The Crowd’! FSDUs manufactured to Easypack’s high standards, greatly promote impulse buying and assist consumers in selecting the product amidst an abundance of alternatives.
Fully approved by Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury
• Designed for assembly in under 3 minutes
• Small footprint to maximise yield per sq.m
• Flat-packed
• Maximum stockholding


Pre-Filled Displays

212075pea3d        JAFFA CAKES HALLOWEEN MU
You can have totally bespoke or generic FSDUs, MUs, or Pallet Display Units designed to suit all retail environments to allow for a pre-filled/co-packed solution for product merchandising.
Approved by Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s and Sainsbury, cash and carry and convenience stores
• Designed for efficient and fast co-packing workflow.
• Achieve maximum stockholding from small display units to Quarter , Half or Full pallets, Dollies, single or cased product.


Display Figures / Standees

Bombardier Standee
For a simple yet very effective POS display, the Standee is a great solution. These are very cost effective to produce, but offer a large surface exposure and are extremely easy to set out on a shop floor. These can be manufactured with leaflet/coupon dispensers incorporated.
Visually striking, standees can be die-cut into any shape you require. They reach out and grab the attention of shoppers but allow ample space for product/brand communication.
Unique, bespoke die-cut designs differentiate your products and bring them to life.
• Flat packed for easy distribution.
• In-store theatre that shoppers respond to.



pcdisplaydetail          hay_fever_box

Counter Display Units (Table-Top Display Units) can be manufactured to suit varied requirements. Cleverly designed units that can be strategically placed for maximum effect and increased sales, allows the brand to cross sell and up sell across your range of products.
Delivered flat-packed, these disoplays are designed for simple assembly. Designed & printed to your bespoke branding, these are ideal for displaying not only small products but leaflets or literature to promote a campaign or product awareness, and sit comfortably on a counter.
Counter Display Units (shipped flat or pre-filled)
• Showcards
• Tent Cards
• Leaflet Dispensers
• Generic or Bespoke Design
• Small Footprint for easy distribution


Presentation Boxes, SRPs & 3D Mailers

English Whisky company Carton   Tetley Free MUg Carton   SRPs Cartons
At Easpack, we design Presentation Boxes exclusively around the client’s needs. For a unique presentation package, they are thought through & designed precisely with the customer’s requirements in mind. Whether they need an inner platform, or cut-out to hold a particular shape, our expertise can cater for it all.
3D mailers cater for the mailing with an extra impact. Designed & produced to be secure enough to post, but with extra capacity & prestige to house a special branded gift. Easypack are able to work with a wide range of materials to ensure the product is tailored for the best possible solution.
Small format cardboard engineering concepts can be designed to suit your SRP retail or presentation requirements for both in-store display or mailers.

For further information on our presentation & display range, please contact us at:

01638 715922          or