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So Many Reasons to Feel Good

Spring dumpbinThere’s a really good feeling in the air right now, the economy is showing strong signs of recovery, believable signs this time, and Spring is finally upon us. OK it hasn’t been very cold this Winter, but it has been very, very wet so the daffodils, buds and blossom are a really welcome sight. The first regular rays from our luminary orb are warming our faces, which always make us feel better, and there are some great opportunities for us all to swing into action with in-store promotional activities.

The Spring flowers that have popped up on verges, in parks and gardens, around trees and even by the side of motorways, herald the coming of Easter and with it more chocolate than you can shake a stick at. Whilst most people already have their Easter POP Display work well and truly covered, there are still opportunities to complete some late projects. The discussions we’re having and the questions we’re being asked show just how many promotional display prospects are coming up over the next few months, and that’s really encouraging for the UK economy.

Beginning on 12th June, there is of course that ‘once every four years’ sporting event that grips the nation, well it doesn’t grip everybody but it certainly won’t be easy to ignore as it lasts for a month and will be everywhere. The World Cup always gives rise to myriad promotions, from drinks and snacks to flags and clothing, promotion, promotion, promotion!

Then there’s Wimbledon of course, our annual gladiatorial grunting contest, which begins on 23rd June and runs until 6th July. We’ll all be firing up our BBQ’s and perhaps going away on Summer holidays, either way chasing some R & R. All these Summer events mean promotions and the chance to introduce products to the great British public.

Speaking of Summer, the Commonwealth Games will be taking place in Glasgow beginning on 23rd July and lasting eleven days. With 17 different sports features that’s a lot of POP and POS display opportunities to take full advantage of.

So, sunshine and sports, rest and relaxation, all surrounded by potential business opportunities … Have fun and make the most of it all!