FSDU’s & Shelved Displays

FSDU’s specifically designed for purpose can encourage customers to buy and increase the sales of any product.

Merchandising Units help to promote your brand, they focus your customers’ mind and attention on your products. Point of Sale display FSDU’s are available in a complete range of sizes and shapes dependent upon your needs and requirements.

As your FSDU’s can be critical to the…
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Quarter Pallet Displays

The footprint of quarter pallet displays, which are also called ¼ pallet display units, is generally a footprint of 600 x 500 or 600 x 400 and can be used differently to larger units.

Quarter pallets are very versatile, they can utilise shelves in the unit to display a number of separate products or bulk filled with one product. When bilk filled, quarter pallet displays can be stabilised with layer cards.

Despite having a relatively small footprint…
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Creative Displays

Creative Displays are perfect for those who want extra impact and more theatre but still make a highly effective use of space.

The creativity of Easypack’s design and innovation teams is at the centre of the process delivering creative displays from the most complex structural designs to the simplest and most straightforward of displays.

The design team ensure your displays…
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Co-Op Shark POP display

Merchandising Units

Although there are a number of different names used for merchandising units, one thing remains consistent – the size – they’re large!

With a footprint of 800 x 600 and their general bulk they are easier to identify from a distance, which makes them great for pulling customers towards them from the…
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HOD Units & Quickboxes

Hod units, for displaying products in-store, are floor standing units which are ideal for the retail display of a range of different products but are particularly suited to displaying pre-packaged items which are…
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Celled, Hooked & Waterfall Display Units

Celled display units and Waterfall Units are highly effective for promoting and displaying smaller items that face toward your customer, everything from batteries and toys to books and DVDs.

An advantage of celled displays and waterfall units is that…
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CDU’s & Standees

The number of different types of CDU’s (Counter Display Unit’s) and standees that could possibly be created is huge.

CDU’s and standees are both highly effective but do slightly different jobs.
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Dump Bins

Dump bins are floor standing display units with a whole host of products (a single product or a range), which can be removed by customers as they pass.

This type of display is a very popular way to present…
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Half & Full Pallet Displays

Full or half pallet displays of corrugated cardboard are a perfect way to present a considerable volume of merchandise ready to sell through in-store.

As half and full pallet displays can sell such significant numbers of products they are…
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Printed Cardboard Packaging

For short to medium size runs, up to about 10,000 units or so, high quality printed cardboard packaging, close to litho quality, can be completed on our digital presses.
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Where promotions are concerned, customers are – understandably – demanding. We understand that. As we are fully approved to the major multiples, we also understand the critical importance of ‘in-depot’ dates.

Having your goods in-store exactly when you need them there is something else you will never need to be concerned about as
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