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Boo! … It’s Halloween! Scary Retail

Halloween_webRecently, several clients who are new to in-store marketing and retail POP Display materials have fired a number of questions at us about what they need to be concerned with when entering into this arena, and how they can make the most of their retail display opportunities.

And so, in this month of spooky Halloween, we ask you;

What scares you more, the thought of witches and vampires or not getting your retail marketing campaigns right and not maximising your Return On Investment?

Yes, it’s a tough choice but there are probably more threats to the success of your in-store retail marketing than there are wandering around outdoors at the ‘witching hour’.

Think about how buying patterns have changed for one –They don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home to shop, with online ordering and the growth of the digital market, even when in-store, mobile marketing can target customers through their smartphones.

Of course, the majority do still venture out but today’s consumer has far more retail choices than ever before so, ensuring your retail marketing material and POP Displays reach out and capture the attention of your target audience is absolutely vital.

What are the main threats to a successful retail POS/POP Display marketing campaign?

In this blog and the next, we’re going to take a look at the three main threats…

  1. The economy
  2. Your competitors
  3. The  consumer

…and what you can do to combat them;

Firstly, the Economy

Whilst the economic climate is somewhat out of your, and our, control, there are certainly ways in which, between us, we can have an impact and boost it. For example; by offering products on ‘Sale’, a ‘Gift with Purchase’ or ‘Buy One Get One Free’, these kinds of offers can visibly be seen to increase the value to your customers, when they buy more it improves the economy and of course, importantly, it drives your brand’s sales and enhances brand loyalty.

It is understanding, in great detail, these things and more about your business that determines the organisational structure, the equipment and the service levels of our business.

A whole variety of stores are regularly visited by our researchers to provide valuable feedback and usable market intelligence. It’s only by combining this knowledge with experience that we can help you to determine the best possible display solutions for your product ranges and deliver a print/POS display service dedicated to achieving your objectives by demanding the attention, and serving the needs, of your customers.

There is Good News Too

It’s not all negative though, the number of key retail periods is constantly growing and that just increases the number of opportunities available to you. The traditional key retail periods, which always have the greatest demand for POS/POP Displays, are of course the big four — Christmas, Easter, Summer and Back to School. However, these are closely followed by Halloween, St.Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and POS/POP displays for sporting events, national holidays and the four seasons is also on the increase — just look at what happened with the Olympics last year. There was a huge escalation in retail display and associated marketing materials, stores all over the UK were resplendent   dressed in red, white and blue.

In this tough economic climate it’s essential to grab every opportunity you have to increase your business. Whether it’s a national or local holiday, an event or a great promotional idea, it is absolutely essential to drive it with in-store marketing and effective POS/POP display materials; get your products off the shelf and displayed in prime footfall areas. Attention grabbing displays are proven to yield great results by increasing impulse purchases.

Historically, in-store marketing plans are generally set 6 to 12 months ahead of event dates. So, now in October, you and your clients are likely considering your plans for 2014’s St.Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day, but add to that the fact that the Commonwealth Games, another great sporting event for the UK, begins on 23rd July in Glasgow. The Games mean that there will be an extra couple of months of hype ahead of the start to bolster and increase in-store activity, not just for the brands sponsoring the Games but for those who can pick up the overspill such as food and drink, snacks, sporting equipment etc. You name it; just about any brand can get in on the act!

So, what we’re seeing is retailers and manufacturers becoming more and more strategic in the way in which they increase sales, greater emphasis on all available celebratory and promotional opportunities … So what can you do?

In the next blog (in a couple of weeks) we’ll finish this ‘discussion’ by focusing on what you can do about your competitors and how you can impact on the consumers.