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Boo! … Retail POP Displays 2 – The Nightmare Continues

In our last blog we were talking about making the very best of every opportunity in, what is undoubtedly, a distinct low time for the UK economy.

We talked about the fact that, despite there being challenges, there were also a whole host of opportunities that could be realised and maximised upon not only during this consumer driven Halloween period, but in all the others too.

In this, the second part of the blog, we’re going to take a few sentences to ponder on two other areas where you can have an element of control and make a positive impact;

Your competitors and the consumers!

Your Competitors

Market research is, of course, critical, the more you know about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors products compared to your own, the better.

Vampires fear garlic, silver bullets and steaks (or something like that), witches are scared of water and salt and ghosts are afraid of vacuum cleaners (if my recollection of Saturday morning cartoons is correct) so it’s important to know the fears or frustrations of your target market.

At Easypack, by researching the market and completing detailed analyses of the POP Display and in-store marketing industry in particular, we’re able to tailor our offering and provide what is beneficial and most valuable to you, which is a great advantage to you and also to us.

Working with a varied and diverse cross-section of different brands and retailers allows us the opportunity to continually learn from all the different sectors, to identify what works and what doesn’t and to use that knowledge and experience in creating the best solutions for you and your retail campaigns.

If we could only offer one tip on this front it would be to Be Proactive … not reactive. Confront your competitors head on by knowing what you’re up against, but equally knowing your own product strengths and promoting them from your customers’ perspective. So what are your USPs? What are the real selling propositions of your product?

Here’s an example; we recently designed and produced an FSDU for a carpet distributor. It was quite an unusual request for this type of industry as, traditionally, more permanent types of display, such as wood or metal, are used for the display of carpet samples.

The advantages of using our well designed corrugated alternative are that it is both lightweight and portable but also it has, due to its design, integral strength and of course it is very, very cost effective.

Folding into a manageable flat-pack carton and easily assembled on site the Carpet Sample Display Unit has been welcomed and embraced by retailers for all these reasons.

FDL had the foresight to try something different where others were perhaps less inclined to do so. Importantly, they also knew their main USP for the carpet itself — ‘100% Bleach Proof’ and so it was this message that we emphasised and made very highly visible on their creative FSDU. So a clever structural design gave them a real advantage and knowing the strength and advantages of their product enabled a very successful campaign.


The Consumer

So, now let’s talk about the fickle and constantly needy consumer.

What is it that’s important to them? What makes them your target market? What do they buy and why now? What need or want does your product fill? Is it a ‘must have’ or a ‘nice to have’? If your product solves their needs or delivers on their wants how well do your USPs convey that from their perspective? How well are your USP’s reflected on your retail POP display packaging?

FDL knew ‘the look’ that their customers wanted so they gave it to them with a range of colours in a durable product. Their artwork featured aspirational photography with family images to entice the consumer but again it was the main selling point of ‘100% Bleach Cleanable’ that would seal the deal. They knew that what scared their customers most was the family spilling drinks or food on the carpet … or maybe those blood stains at Halloween.


At Easypack we always help our clients to make the right choices in their search for successful in-store marketing with POS and POP retail campaigns. Whether you have a full in-house trade marketing team, or not, a little insight from those on the front lines can help you to make a fully qualified decision about the correct path to take … and it is never the one through the woods, on your own, near a derelict house in the middle of nowhere with just a torch for company!

Contact us now on 01638 715922 or email and we’ll be delighted to help you out of the woods or to, at least, discuss how you can maximise your return on in store retail POP display campaigns.

Happy Halloween!