If you dream it, you can do it!’

Minnie Standee CROPPEDGlasgow’s Front Page Design and their elite travel industry clientele were tired of using heavy, permanent materials (MDF and plastics) for their impromptu demonstrations in selected travel retailers, and so our client was looking for an attractive display that was both lightweight and cost effective. The heavier wooden materials although durable were still being damaged in transit which made them an extremely costly purchase when their longevity was compromised.

Easypack POP Displays received the Brief in the summer of 2013, to assist with the POP material for the new Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris marketing campaign. It would be our challenge to clearly showcase the marketing message, to enhance and complement it. The client required a doubled-sided display which would allow their customers to take a photo of themself in a Disney scene. So, Easypack tested and trialled different options to suit the client’s requirements, i.e. their in-store footprint restrictions and a flat-packed dimension that would allow the displays to be transported safely in cars. Our main challenge was ensuring that the flat-packed display could not only be assembled into a strong imposing display but could also be disassembled and then reassembled many times without compromising the integrity of the display.

On client approval, the double-sided standees were produced in display board. They fold to a very transportable flat-packed dimension of 800mmWide by 500mmHigh by 30mmDeep. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to assemble the standees as they unfolded with ease, the base support forms into place  and the full length panels are affixed with velcro to create a height of 1200mm.


Disney Standee Assembly cropped

Each side of the display was graphically designed by Front Page as either a male or female character; a head hole was die-cut into the standees to allow the customer to become part of the display.

With a large graphic area the client’s marketing message was clearly visible and with a relatively small footprint the standee can easily be sited in-store. These displays also have the added benefit of being able to be viewed ‘in-the-round’ which allows the client’s marketing message to be seen from all angles. Thus, whether the standees are used as window dressing to entice customers into the stores, a backdrop behind the sales desks or at centre stage in the prime store entry location, the standees create brand presence that also allow Disney  to stand out from the crowd. 5 designs were produced to showcase Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Snowwhite & the Seven dwarves, Cinderella, the Cheshire Cat, Capt. Hook and the Haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel.

slide9V3 (5)

The client was thrilled by these impressive displays which are now attracting lots of attention in store and so we are now expecting a repeat order to be placed soon. Easypack’s motto ‘INSPIRE, CREATE, DELIVER’ worked well during this POP display project and we also welcomed the words of Mr Walt Disney:

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’

For help or inspiration for your Pop Display Figures please contact us at: 01638 715922          or                 enquiries@easypack.uk.com