Huggies Pull-Ups Mailer Is In a Class of Its Own

When Kimberley-Clark needed a mailer which would create the right impact when delivered to all the major retailers promoting their latest campaign and television advert for Huggies Pull-Ups, they asked Easypack POP Displays to come up with something that could be instantly recognizable and be in-keeping with the theme. The TV advertising featured young children becoming ‘big kids’ as they completed the potty training process.

The brand manager for Huggies UK remarked; “The theme of the advertising is to educate parents and help them understand that Huggies Pull-Ups are not the same as ‘nappy pants’ that are on the market.”

A fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaign was created in support of the TV adverts, which included digital, printed and Public Relations media with a substantial amount invested in 2013 by Kimberly-Clark.

In the on screen advertising a graduates mortar board features prominently, it is similarly shown in the printed display ads as well, therefore the brief received by Easypack POP Displays called for the mortar board to be emulated in the form of a bespoke mailer/presentation pack. The mailing pack also had to contain small packs of separate Boy and Girl Nighttime and Daytime Pull-Ups and promotional notepads, pens and a pencil case to continue the graduation theme, so internal fitments were a necessary feature.


The mailer had to closely resemble a mortar board, including the tassel which could then be pulled to open the box and reveal the contents secreted inside.


Working in unison with Multiply, Kimberley-Clark’s Edinburgh based design agency, ensured that the design of the presentation mailer matched the brief of our client. Sampling and testing guaranteed that the design worked visually as well as being fit for purpose and could survive the best efforts of any postal system. Once approved, the square carton and lid were printed using our high-tech digital printer before being assembled and packed. The Huggies Pull Up Graduation mailers were subsequently sent straight to the head offices of all the key retailers in the UK.

The Groups co-packing operation was chosen to complete the project as it is known for being one of the most experienced in the co-packing and kitting industry. The operational procedures exceed the demanding standards essential for all leading retail organisations. As our co-packing operation achieves a consistently confirmed delivery success rate of 99.5%, year after year, Kimberley Clark did not have to worry about product arriving on time, looking great.

If you have any interesting, testing or unique requirements, we have a structural design team that enjoys a challenge, loves to design and create innovative solutions and thrives on providing unique, fresh proposals for distinctive packaging.

So, ‘Congratulations’ to all of Huggies customers who have graduated to Pull Ups as well as to all those retailers who have benefited from this particular marketing.

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