In-Store Displays Help Tesco Define a New Shopping Experience

Tesco, one of the world’s leading international retailers, has been delighted to receive increased sales from revolutionary in-store displays designed and produced by Easypack / POP Display Group. These new in-store displays which include Tesco’s most recent sales event – its in-store Toyshop – provide the customers with an entirely new shopping experience, transforming part of its store to re-create a shop within a shop. Not only does this feature give customers more choice whilst shopping, but also because all Easypack’s displays are made from card, they can be fully recycled, broken-down and disposed off easily once the promotion has finished.

At Tesco, as with any international retailer, major investment has been made in providing customers with a first-class, efficient and innovative shopping environment and displays play a very important part in this process. Tesco displays include: Merchandising Units that feature on a year-round basis, Offfixture that include seasonal and promotional produce, Full Pallet displays situated on the end of the aisles, and Free-standing display units held in the aisles. A typical promotion for Tesco could last two to four weeks, with seasonal events running up to six weeks or more.

Anthony Baldock, Design Manager at Tesco comments: “Tesco needs to find ways of creating interest for customers outside their day-to-day shopping trip. It needs to broaden their shopping experience. A typical store holds so much information to communicate; it’s easy for the customer not to see what is out there and ignores new products and promotions in store. Introducing large displays, such as the Tesco Toyshop, helps our customers to reconnect with what the store is offering.”

The Toyshop was designed through Easypack’s In-Store Theatre service, which provides an exclusive design and production service for display furniture and decoration, to retail outlets such as Tesco. Its main objective was to create a shop within a shop that was fun, interesting and engaging to our customers.

The Toyshop ran over a six-week period during Christmas and generated an uplift of 35% additional turnover. The campaign was implemented over a two day period into 86 of Tesco’s Extra Stores six weeks before Christmas. One store in Redditch was trialled nine weeks beforehand to ensure that the whole set-up process worked, while the remaining 85 stores were implemented three weeks later.

Tesco and Easypack worked together to redesign the left-hand side of the store (the flexi-mat area) where key events are held. The aisles were broken down to create a walkway and extra space for the promotion. Anchor points were then created to help position the Toyshop. Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays were also designed and produced to support the Toyshop and hold toys involved in the promotion.

Anthony comments: “That initial part of the shopping trail is a key area of the store as it is where customers are thinking about what they are going to buy and where they are going to go in the store. Therefore, one of our main requirements is to ensure this area is constantly refreshed and updated with new promotions and special offers, so that the customer has a new shopping experience every time they enter the store.”

The Toyshop was developed following a very successful ‘Back to School’ campaign during the summer of 2007. Giant picture frames were developed and rolled out in 26 of Tesco’s stores with 3D layered graphics displaying various images of children at play and at school. Easypack used its revolutionary Corrutex material to give the frames a different texture and finish. Corrutex is stronger than carton but cheaper than rigid board. It is a highly versatile and striking product that can be used for packaging as well as display material giving the picture frames a more realistic image.

In addition to the giant picture frames, Easypack provided POP freestanding display units. These were designed to display the various colours and sizes of school clothing available during the campaign, such as polo shirts. The ‘Back to School’ promotion ran for eight weeks and generated the highest turnover for a Tesco in-store promotional event at that time.

Anthony adds: “We were extremely pleased with the ‘Back to School’ campaign. It demonstrated the impact the In-Store Theatre can have on a promotion. The creative and innovative use of graphics and display helped draw customers to that part of the store resulting in the highest levels of takings for an in-store promotional event. The success of this campaign led onto the idea of the Toyshop and we will carry out another ‘Back to School’ promotion in 2008.

“Another important factor in the success of both the Toyshop and the ‘Back to School’ promotion is Easypack’s ability to understand the different responsibilities along the supply chain and adapt to short lead times. Because Easypack offers a complete solution from designing, producing, distributing and fitting the displays, we know they have complete control and that we can rely on them to meet our requirements at every stage of the process. We would have no hesitation in recommending them as an approved supplier.”

An additional benefit of using Easypack’s products is its benefits to the environment. Tesco is continuously running promotions throughout the year. Not only do these promotions include major in-store events such as the Toyshop and the ‘Back to School’ events, they also include Easypack’s POP displays that sit in the stores.

Tesco needs to be able to dispose of all promotional material efficiently and easily in an environmentally friendly manner after each promotion has finished. All Easypack’s card is fully recyclable and has the potential to be turned back into paper or board within two weeks. This is important for Tesco considering that the POP displays alone are featured in up to 300+ stores at any one time.

Easypack provides POP freestanding displays for a wide range of Tesco produce including food, drink, beauty, literature and seasonal displays. These displays help Tesco increase shelf presence and space and highlight any current promotions running throughout the stores. Many of these displays are pre-filled by Easypack to ensure a smooth transition into each of the Tesco stores.

In addition to Easypack’s In-Store Theatre and POP displays, its standard corrugated division provides Tesco with security lids for plastic trays. These trays are used throughout all Tesco national distribution centres to transport its products safely and securely to each of the stores.

Anthony concludes: “Easypack provides us with a complete service from design through to delivery. It is able to meet all our promotional requirements whether they are for in-store events, POP displays or support throughout the supply chain. The company’s ability to understand the Tesco customer, adapt to market and environmental changes and short turnaround times makes them an ideal partner for our promotional material.”