Tetley benefit from Easypack investment

For Suffolk based Easypack/POP Displays Group, the advantages of well placed investments and a strategic acquisition in 2008 are now starting to pay off.

The company, which is the leading provider of point-of-purchase and packaging solutions, is one of the very few UK packaging companies now offering commercial print, carton board packaging, corrugated packaging, point-of-purchase displays and fulfilment from a single site.

‘Easypack/POP’s Tetley Fruit Teas RRP’

Distinct benefits of this consolidation have materialised in a number of ways, not least in opening opportunities for cross selling across the Group’s activities. One such customer benefiting from Easypack’s single source operation is Tetley GB. Showcase packaging work for Tetley has included the design and production of the Tetley Fruit Teas RRP which won a Gold Star at last year’s Starpack Awards. This easy to erect, carton board design, created a cost effective, on-shelf feed dispenser for eight round tubs of tea bags. Fully recyclable, it is produced in high quality litho print, which in turn significantly enhances the visibility of the Tetley display on the supermarket shelf.

Following the opening of a 1000m² co-packing warehouse at Easypack’s Mildenhall site, previous sub-contracted co-packing work for Tetley, was brought in-house. The new facility is now in operation daily, to pack and distribute Tetley tea products to both Asda and Tesco. The fulfilment operation requires Easypack to produce flexo printed, standard blue display shrouds, which are mounted on dollies, for 80, 160, or 240 size packs.

Tetley’s branding and promotional stickers, which are also printed by Easypack, are applied to the display shrouds depending on sales activities and around 36000 of these display units are packed and distributed yearly.

‘Co-packing at Easypack/POP’s Mildenhall site’

Commenting on the Easypack operation, Tetley’s Nick Firrell said, “Easypack/POP are our front end supplier to both Tesco and Asda and, as a result, they look after both our customer service, at which they are fantastic, and delivery. Naturally, we were a little apprehensive when Easypack set up their own co-packing facility, but the transition was extremely smooth and the operation is very successful, better than we could have hoped for and certainly a step up from what we could do ourselves.”

Easypack’s Chris Hall added, “The move to provide a complete supply chain solution was a case of logical progression. We had the capacity and the infrastructure to merge our three businesses into one and we knew that we could capitalise on the cross sell, so it was just a question of timing.

“Thankfully we had finished the consolidation process way before the economy started to dip, so we are now very well placed to weather the storm. Our ongoing work with Tetley and other key customers, is testament that the overall strategy was the right move for us”.