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Christmas Is Coming and The Goose is Getting Worried… But What About You and Your POP Displays?

Somehow, it always feels wrong to be talking about Christmas POP displays in July, however, needs must and experience tells us that the sooner things are underway the smoother the journey, the greater the productivity and the less likely the chance of an ulcer!


Christmas is a fabulous time when everything goes according to plan, everybody gets incredibly busy and for many it’s the most intense time of year.

So, what should be done to optimise the timeline, smooth out the bumps in the road and ensure everyone is supremely happy?

Here are my thoughts on the subject from a concept to shop floor perspective;

Some producers will undoubtedly have all but finished their Christmas POP display planning, but for everybody else the time has come to either begin planning or really get some momentum behind it. The sooner designs are completed, and put in front of the retailers for sign off, the better, it only takes a few delays for changes before things start to become frantic and worrying.

The new super quick digital press we have just installed allows us to respond to your last minute requests from retailers, which is great as you no longer have to say “No, it can’t be done in time”, but for the bulk of your Christmas POP displays and promotions, whilst you may not be able to arrive at your final volume requirement figures yet, getting your designs completed and signed off will be a real weight off your mind.

The more you can extend and smooth out your production cycles for the festive season the better.

So, what about in-house packing? How much capacity do you have at this busy time of year? If it’s an issue for you we can help you spread the load with our experienced and efficient co-packing team who form part of the End to End Solution offering.

The point is, you can ‘dip in and out’ and choose just key elements of our service offering – Just your printed POP display needs for example, or you could take advantage of the complete solution and make life simpler, easier and more cost effective.

Whatever it is you are doing for Christmas, it’s a good bet that now is the best time to begin … Season’s Greetings!