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#EasyackPOPhelp: The USPs of POP Materials

Do your POP Displays really work for you?

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Your Point of Sale and Point of Purchase should be the ‘silent salesperson’ for your brand or retail store. They are working for you by their mere presence and by keeping your brand/message visible. You have to be in the game to win it.  Your in-store POP displays should benefit your brand by:

  • Positive Impact Encouraging Impulse Purchases
  • Strengthen Branding
  • Maintain Your Retail Presence to Keep your Product/Service Top of Mind
  • Advertise Special Promotions
  • Remind Customers of your brand’s USPs & Benefits
  • Increase Market Exposure

Countertop/ Till Side advertising is your friend in the marketplace. Consumers are often standing in line with little to entertain them, they are a captive audience and so targeted retail marketing should not be missed. Keep this in mind when designing your countertop display. An attention grabbing display will yield ideal results.

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Interactive print such as QR codes linking the consumer to your website and range of products/services will engage the consumer further. For example, a link to a recipe for baking using your product allows you to not only build a relationship with your customer but remind them of items that they may have missed on their shopping list.

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Monitors can be inserted into your display to run any TV adverts you might have or illustrate demonstrations of your product to provide further engagement with the customer and tie-in all marketing endeavours.

If you’re ready to get started on your point of sale display, we are prepared to exceed your expectations. Our experienced printing professionals will assist you in getting that sophisticated, polished POP that generates positive results.

Features of your POP Display & how it affects retailers:

  • Flat Folding for Ease of Use
  • Sturdy Construction– meets Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Recyclable Materials– follows all government requirements
  • Customized Print– bespoke artwork with retailer’s special pricing
  • Branding Graphics- promotes your brand & the retailer
  • Compact Footprint– space-saving
  • Leaflet Dispensers– displays can be tailored to hold your company literature, particularly if limited space is available for your full product range
  • One size fits all– Generic POP designs are available to suit a range of products so retailers can mix and match to suit their product listings

If your POP Displays are not having the effect you require either in sales return or brand exposure, then we need to speak to you.

For help with your in-store marketing and POP Display plans please contact us at:

01638 715922          or