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#EasypackPOPhelp: 6 Steps for Effective Visual Merchandising

Effective Visual Merchandising

 Retail stores must always deliver their merchandise in a competitive, imaginative and distinctive style, and never more so than now, when consumers have less to spend. The challenge is not only to grab customers’ attention and encourage them to shop, but to promote a store’s brand and keep shoppers informed of trends.

Creating an attractive product display with POS and 3D POP materials can draw the customer in, promote a slow-moving item, announce a sale, launch a product or welcome a season. If your shop is fortunate enough to feature one or more windows, then you have one of the most proven and least expensive forms of advertising space at your disposal.

Plan your display. Consider what you want to accomplish, develop a budget and determine a central theme.

Colour is a great tool to promote a trend. Seasonal Windows exploit the key shopping seasons and encourage the buying of gifts.

Following the current trends in fashion, food or housewares keeps your displays topical and fresh. Graphics and photography are cost-effective and efficient tools for delivering your message to the customer.

Window Display FRAMES

The use of lighting can add drama, whether spotlighting products or flooding an entire window. A theatrical use of props or 3D POP materials can show off exuberant and avant-garde displays to wow an audience of passers-by.

Window Display bedroom


Quirky windows allow the merchandiser to realise their wildest ideas, with spectacular results.

 6 Steps for Effective Visual Merchandising:

Balance: Create an asymmetrical rather than symmetrical balance to your display to create interest and focus points.

Focal Point: Product and props/signage and background dressings must come together in key focal points to showcase the products/marketing message.Disney Castle Blocks cropped

Size of Objects: Place the largest object into your display first and then build your display around them to create height and depth. The traditional ‘pyramid’ shape where your display builds gradually to a focal point always works well.

Colour: To help set mood and feeling in your display, choose your colours carefully to match the theme (traditionally red/gold for Christmas or orange, purple and black for Halloween etc).

Halloween_web2Lighting: Accent your focal points with spotlights, if possible. Flood lighting can create the overall mood while illuminating the area.

Simplicity: ‘Less is more’ so know when to stop. Don’t add too many items, whether they are printed POS materials or products on sale. Keep it clean, simple  and direct to get your marketing message across. Sale Wobblers


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