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Ask the Right Questions to get the Right POP Displays

Jimmy Neutron Crisp POS and POP Dsiplay Units

Creative, clever Point of Sale materials and Point of Purchase Displays are a vital element of every successful in-store marketing campaign. At Easypack, we want your product to sell so we assist you with our retail expertise, professional print and design services and our bespoke cardboard engineering innovations.

Our dedicated NPD team work with world leading brands and major high street retailers and our business development teams, in the north and south of England and Scotland, cover all of the UK so we can meet wherever is needed across the country to offer you above the line marketing and POS solutions for the retail store environment.

Providing a good POP Brief to your supplier is essential for success with retail marketing campaigns. Through a detailed list of questions we can determine the best POS/ POP display materials to achieve your in store marketing goals and make your displays fit for purpose.

Here’s a few of the key questions we’ll ask:

  • What is your brand/product and what is the message or promotion mechanic? Designing a display unit for a product launch requires a different approach than creating a display for a ‘sale’ offer or BOGOF mass merchandising display. So, whether a spectacular show-stopping display is needed or a simple off fixture FSDU to promote a special price, knowing the brand’s goal is vital to ensuring the display is right for you. We need to define your POS / POP Retail objective.
  • Will the POP unit be required to hold products? If so, what are the stockholding requirements and product dimensions/weights? Should your display be flat-packed or pre-filled? Getting a display unit right takes skilled expertise. Your supplier must have all the information available to them (and preferably with product samples to test) to allow them to design accurately and then test the display unit for stability and transit. Determining whether the display will be shipped flat-packed or delivered to store pre-filled with product, drives the design process and will lead to very different display styles.
  • Which store/retailer guidelines must you adhere to? All stores have strict guidelines with regard to display unit specifications. It is the responsibility of the supplier / manufacturer to ensure that the spec is adhered to and all units are fit for purpose. Your supplier must know what your intended market is to be able to give you a display solution that will be accepted by all retailers.
  • Who is producing the creative artwork and what’s the approval process? The print /POP supplier should always work closely with the creative agency to ensure that the creative concept is feasible and indeed structurally viable. There’s no good in the designers spending time working up a fabulous display idea, if it just won’t work in store or more importantly perhaps be way over budget. If the display is intended for a particular retailer, understanding that retailer’s particular artwork requirements also ensures that the print proof is approved quickly.
  • How long is the POS required to be on display? Is it a temporary or permanent display? As all our displays are bespoke, our structural designers can create varied display concepts to allow for longevity, if needed. Different materials are available for each requirement from lightweight to heavier double-walled board.
  • What’s the budget? Knowing up front what money is in the pot, can allow your print supplier to offer alternative options if your budget won’t stretch to the all singing, all dancing version.

For advice or help with getting your POP campaigns right please contact us at:

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