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#EasypackPOPhelp: Co-Packing Plan

How do you plan for  success when fulfilling your pre-filled display units?

If you are using a supplier for pre-assembly or co-packing the same rules apply as when you plan your print production.

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A production plan should always be produced to ensure final dates are always achieved. However, in this case when your supplier begins to process your order in line with your Critical Path/Time-line the Co-packing Manager would ideally be liaising with you on the stock requirements, co-ordinating the in-bound stocks, the production schedule and the outbound displays for delivery to the retailer.

The question should always be asked about what would happen should any of the dates slip?

Can they guarantee that your delivery date will be met?

It should be born in mind that most suppliers would, wherever possible, process in-line with standard shifts but if on a rare occasion something happened and a date slipped, what would they do to ensure your delivery date is still met? Could you co-ordinate with their packing and production scheduling team and if needs be schedule additional hours or could alternative production methods be used? Could they, and would they, do all this at no additional cost to you?

Will there be daily production meetings and will the Co-packing Manager be participating?  Every member of the team must be aware of what is going on with each order daily. If there are any issues, a corrective action plan can be created and a solution reached ahead of time to ensure that our delivery deadline is met.

Clarity and transparency  is essential during production and co-packing planning

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