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EasypackPOPhelp: Get your POP Briefs Right

How to Create a Successful POP Brief

The ‘Brief’ is something of a misnomer as the Specification to your printer/designer can be as long-winded and detailed as necessary.  When speaking with your suppliers be precise in all your print, Point of Sale and Point of Purchase requirements!  List all that is needed and expected from your POP displays, create your ‘wish list’; with attention to detail you can ensure that the final job is exactly as specified.

POP Display Enquiry Form

When providing your Brief you need to answer the following questions.

  •  What is the purpose of the printed/ POS item? Will it hold product or be purely decorative? This will determine the strength of board/paper materials to be used.
  •  What is the life expectancy of the POS item? This will  also determine which materials will be used in production—temporary or semi-permanent etc.
  •  Will the item be viewed from both sides? This will determine whether it will be a single or double-sided print brief. Is double-sided print necessary for an FSDU which may be displayed against a  pillar or wall and so the rear print will be hidden?
  •  Will the same image or different images be  printed on any double-sided materials? Costs can be kept to a minimum if the same print is repeated on both sides of your display material and if the number of print colours is reduced. For example, a one colour print on the main body of an FSDU (with a reverse white message/logo) and with any full colour artwork kept to the header area only, you will keep your print specification cost effective. 
  • Where will the item be used or displayed and are there any special considerations, i.e. footprint allowances, retail  guidelines? Be specific! All retailers have their own particular artwork and structural specifications and these must be adhered to. Will any fixing materials be required—e.g. double-sided tape, velcro or suckers?
  • What are your packing and delivery requirements? That is, do you need one bulk delivery to a warehouse, or should your POS items be individually packed (flat-packed or assembled) and shipped to multiple locations? Direct to store delivery of course, will always ensure that the POS item arrives safely to the end location. If your  POP Display unit is to be pre-filled, will you require a co-packing  supplier? Clarity and transparency are essential during production and co-packing planning so all specification of the products to be merchandised (dimensions & weights) must be  given to your supplier and provided in your brief.

8 Steps for Pre Filled FSDUs


  •  What creative design elements must be considered? What are your brand colours (how many print colours are needed)? What is the expected quality of print finishing and the ‘viewing distance’ of the POS item, i.e should it be a digital, screen, flexo or litho print process?

Ultimately, the key to getting what you want from your POS item is to be as clear and detailed in your Brief as possible and to maintain an open dialogue with your print/POP specialist supplier. If you are unclear or unsure ask your supplier how they can reduce your costs.

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