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#EasypackPOPhelp: Graphic Design and Retail Guidelines


Graphic Design and Retail Guidelines

How do you ensure graphic design is in line with guidelines?

If your supplier is going to be completing both the structural and the graphic design elements of your project it is very likely that, unless the structural part is overly complex, both will be worked upon simultaneously. Having both undergoing creation at the same time can give you better efficiencies in the long run and can sometimes ensure that the ‘fit’ is right early in the process.

As your brand agency is almost certainly going to be supplying the images, colour specification and other brand developed aspects, your supplier’s graphic design team should be able to work hand in hand with them if needed and have the ability to expedite strict brand guidelines as well as retailer guidelines. This ensures that each piece is created and completed according to the ‘rules’ agreed and cohesion is achieved in every instance.

If your supplier is creating an innovative and more complex structural design for you then it makes sense that it is completed first so that time is not wasted double handling your project.

If you are going to undertake your own graphic design you should ensure that cutter guides of the structural design are sent to you as soon as they are completed.

Here’s an example of the type of cutter guide that your suppliers structural design team should produce in the early stages.

Cutterguide 1

Here is an example of artwork showing the cutter guide in place;

Artwork on cutterguide 1

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