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#EasypackPOPhelp: Hospitality Industry POS Tips

Pont of Sale and printed marketing materials are widely used within the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a simple window poster or fridge sticker, there’s plenty of opportunities for marketing.

Bars and restaurants need tools to promote their businesses and keep things running smoothly right from the kitchen to the pavement outside. Whether it’s menus, bar-back displays or safety notices, Easypack have specialist products designed to assist the hospitality industry.

In response to the client’s brief, Easypack can provide a variety of small display solutions to successfully meet the demands of the end user.

Tent Cards or Strutcards of varied dimension (A1 to A6) are used to convey a message in the form of an advertisement, an announcement or simply to give instructions of some kind. Auchentoshan StrutcadThey can be used as a menu, table number cards or for seating assignments.

Tent cards, also known as table tents are traditionally used in restaurants and bars but are also perfect for numerous other places where small signage or messages are to be displayed. Extra elements or backdrops (like the foliage print below) can be added to create a little more drama or imposing display. They are a simple method of advertising products or services to your customers and to the public.Trespass Tentcards

An extra dimension can also be created by perhaps adding a real bottle in the centre of the showcards or curved printed panel (as below) to resemble a bottle. Great for product launches this display can also be altered to include leaflets/ scratchcards etcBottle Showcard

CDUs or Counter Display Units are suitable for the display of small products on counters or shelves. The CDU can be produced to varied dimensions either with or without a header to increase product visibility and encourage impulse purchases. These displays are very versatile and can fit on a till point, shelf or table-top. You can mix and match various products in these standard displays but it tends to look best when you have uniform rows all in the same size format.Deans tieredcduvis2 (5)

Leaflet Dispensers are compact counter stands to display various sizes of leaflet, brochures, menus or even business cards. The Leaflet Dispenser can be displayed in many locations from counters, table tops and reception desks.A4 Leaflet Dispenser (2)

Additional elements can be created such as a ‘bottle pouring’ to give greater impact.Stoli LEAFLET DISPENSER

Barker cards are used to promote offers/brands or product launches etc throughout the store or hospitality environment. Barker cards are easy to install and can be attached to shelves /counters using self-adhesive pads or they can simply folded and rested on the shelf.Barker CardsTable Talkers with or without curved detailing, can be used to promote one drinks brand or a range of brands. They can also be printed with sporting match dates/times and promotional images to keep your brand topical and in tune with the customer’s interests.Pint table talker

Shelf Signage with die-cut detailing, can be placed on overhead areas front of house or behind bars, counters or reception desks to draw the eye to ‘special offers’ or brand promotions.shelf talker


Caddy Wraps are an ideal way of promoting products at the counter or on the tables or serving areas. These are excellent tools to help increase the sale of a particular product or highlight a sale promotion. The Caddy Wrap is easy to set up (just slipped over existing napkin holders) to provide instant advertising and greater standout in built up areas.caddy wrapFor help with your promotional marketing for the hospitality industry please contact us at:

01638 715922 or