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#EasypackPOPhelp: How to Get your Product Noticed on Shelf

Research from POPAI has shown that in-store displays are the best marketing tools for guaranteeing a return on investment.

To promote your product or brand in-store the best way is, of course, to get additional off fixture display space. However, this is not always readily available or indeed financially viable when nowadays most retailers charge for this privilege.

So, how do you get your product noticed on shelf to make it stand out from the crowd of competing brands?

Tetley Bus Stops

 Aisle Fins or Bus Stops are an effective way to break up over saturated areas, providing space for communication of special pricing offers or other promotional details. They can be produced to varied dimensions to suit the in-store fixtures and die cut to emphasise your marketing message, such as mugs of tea.

Sale WobblersWobblers attached to the shelf edges with a clear pvc arm are the smallest and simplest way to draw instant attention to your product. The ever popular wobbler, die-cut to the desired shape and positioned through stores helps to achieve to achieve a consistent marketing message and greater standout to promote your brand or special offer. Extremely cost-effective and produced in varied materials to unique shapes, the wobbler can emulate the curves/shape of your product. 3D effects can be added with layered elements to provide greater ‘interest’.

Deans shelf strips


Branded Shelf Edge Strips and Shelf Talkers or Barker Cards with die cut detailing on top, helps to break the shelf edges up and attract the shopper’s attention. The Talker can be designed to a range of shapes and sizes, whilst also incorporating a 3D aspect if desired.

Budweiser Bottle Glorifier

Product/Bottle Glorifier can be designed to ‘hero’ the product on shelves or counters by adding a tray-like frame. Your product is promoted and elevated to an almost exclusive status on shelf and it clearly identifies the product for the customer. It can also be used as a tasting/sampling display on special promotional table or even counter tops.

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