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#EasypackPOPhelp: Publishing Dumpbins & Retail POP Display Tips

The death of the publishing industry has been greatly exaggerated…

Sales of printed books fell by £98m last year – a drop of 6.5% from 2012 and recent consumer data figures showed more than two million UK users joined the digital book market in the first nine months of 2013. However, the industry magazine ‘The Bookseller’ reported that the fall in value of the book market was also due to the slowdown in sales of EL James’s ‘Fifty Shades’ novels. In 2012, the author’s trilogy sold in record-breaking numbers. At its peak, the series accounted for almost half of all novels bought in the UK. James’s sales for 2013 totalled £1.4m, compared to £47.3m in 2012, when the trilogy sold 10.5 million copies.

Kindles and digital e-books may be becoming increasingly popular, but nothing really beats the feel and smell of the printed book, and so making the book visible in stores is vital to ensure that the public don’t forget about that.

Sainsbury’s recently announced it is to stop selling printed books online by the end of February.

“We see that the online opportunity lies in digital products, with physical music, books, games and films sold in our stores,” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said.

And so, radical changes to consumer media consumption habits have resulted in contractions in media sectors, ranging from newspapers, magazines and comics to paperback and hardback books and the re-defining and re-invention of the publishing industry through a ‘creative destruction’. This makes printed book sales more important than ever to the Publishing Industry 

Publishing is a remarkably robust and incredibly positive industry and in store sales continue to be significant with Sir Alex Ferguson’s ‘My Autobiography’ being the best-selling book of 2013, by shifting 803,084 copies, while the hardback version of Dan Brown’s ‘ Inferno’ was the best-selling novel, with 640,676 copies purchased.

During this period of change for the industry, retail display concepts have become even more important to ensure that the books are well promoted and that they sell in store.

Here a few retail display concepts:

Cell Unit Dumpbins

Standard Floor Standing Display Units with main tray display area, platform base and removable header can be produced to varied dimensions to suit all book sizes- Royal, B Format, A Format etc*

3, 4, 6, 9, 12 or 20 pockets can be designed to suit each client’s specific requirements, the book dimensions and stock-holding  capacity.

These display units can be shipped completely flat or part-assembled and stocked for ease of store installation.

 Inserts and dividers/blockers can be added to cell structure FSDUs to allow for increased branding/messaging.

Character FSDUs

Book launches, of course, will always require special promotional materials.

Bespoke displays to suit the theme of books, or indeed DVDs or musical CDs can be designed to create theatre in store.

Whether a character or object, an outer framework can be created to showcase the storyline, making it  the perfect marketing tool for product launches.

Platform FSDU

A raised platform base, can give presence to a small FSDU display.

Detailing can also be added to the ‘header board’ to increase impact. This unit is very compact and can easily be transported in a car, making it merchandiser-friendly.

Curved FSDU

Pocket FSDUs can be designed with a curve to create a little more interest to the aesthetics of your display.

The unit can be produced to varied dimensions to suit many products.

Angled FSDU

Split shelving across an angled FSDU design helps to achieve ‘standout’ from the competitors.

Cross Promotions

A main cell structure FSDU with hidden lower pull-out tray is ideal for incorporating cross promotions of supporting materials or housing ‘gifts with purchase’.

Tiered FSDUs

Angled, tiered FSDUs are perfect for housing small books, diaries, calendars or cards of varied dimensions. This unit allows for maximum facings with minimum footprint.

Double-Sided Dumpbin

Dumpbins can be created for either single or double sided access, with optional headers.

This unit can be designed to various sizes and capacity as the products dictate.

The double-sided design allows for an ‘in the round’ effect to allow visibility from all angles.

Parasite Units

Small counter/tray packs can be added to the FSDUs for cross-promotional activities or ‘gift with purchases’.

Pallet Displays

Bespoke or generic MUs, or Pallet Display Units can be designed to suit all retail environments to allow for the mass merchandising of pre-filled/co-packed solution for catalogues or brochures product merchandising .

Maximum stockholding can be achieved on quarter, half or full pallets.

Counter Display Units

To ensure books get noticed on shelf,  CDUs or Counter top displays increase visibility and encourage impulse purchases. They can be displayed with or without headers and shipped flat or pre-filled with product.

For more information or inspiration with in-store marketing and POP Displays for the Publishing Insdusty please contact us at:

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*  Modern Book Sizes

The names of book sizes are based on the old paper sizes and methods of printing. The technology may have moved on but the traditional names are still widely used. The size-names derive from the fraction they represent of the large sheet of paper on which the book was printed.