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#EasypackPOPhelp: Retailer Guidelines

RETAILER APPROVAL-How to get your POP Display approved

At what point do you seek retailer approval and sign-off for your POS/POP Displays?

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If you have ever had the excitement and enthusiasm of a new project turn quickly into frustration and stress at having had a wonderful display designed only to see the retailers reject it, you will have an insight into the importance of getting the retailer to approve and sign off on your design as early as possible.

Nobody knowingly ignores retailer guidelines but it’s a fact that whilst most suppliers are at least aware of the need for retailer approval subject to their guidelines, very few understand what they mean in their entirety.

So unless you know the guidelines inside and out, make sure you choose a supplier who does. Better still, choose a supplier who not only understands what Retailer Guidelines are applied in different situations but will also seek to achieve retailer sign off on your behalf.

With that said, there will be times where your high expectations may be able to be met even if they are right up against the limits of particular retailer guidelines. This is where you’ll really need a supplier who understands the various nuances and how they’re applied. It is a good idea to choose a supplier who is not just well versed and has a great understanding of retailer guidelines but who can also demonstrate a history of consistently getting it right first time.



Remember it’s not just retailer approval that’s required to ensure that your POP display gets in-store. The design must be user-friendly and easy to install/implement to ensure that the store staff will have it merchandised and give it full compliance on the shop floor.

Analysing your customer allows and their behaviour in store whilst following the retailer design guidelines allows you to determine the best POS/POP marketing option.

Research by POPAI, the trade association dedicated to excellence in retail marketing, has shown that ‘vertically positioned’ displays tend to achieve better sales conversion results. These blocked displays tend to stimulate our natural human instinct/subliminal urge to survey the landscape in search of large predators. It’s the ‘caveman effect’ really, we’re always on the lookout for any imposing ‘threat’ on the horizon. Your POP display should therefore be positioned to ‘attack’ the shoppers by engaging their senses. The retailers’ guidelines will dictate the dimensions that we can use in store (for example FSDUs must normally fit within 600mmWide by 400mmDeep by a maximum of 1720mmHigh) so we make the most of the space available to us.


You must make sure that your display is interesting, colourful and contrasts well with its environment to really make it POP!

Whilst following the retailer’s guidelines your POP designer you will also need to tick the following boxes to ensure impact in store:

SIZE – retail guidelines  Tick

MOVEMENT– flowing design Tick

POSITION – good in-store location Tick

COLOUR– bright & contrasting Tick

SHAPE– vertical blocking Tick

COMPLIANT- user-friendly Tick

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