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#EasypackPOPhelp: The importance of Transit Tests

How do you transit test to prove product viability?


Your POP supplier should always be prepared to complete exhaustive transit testing of your product to make sure that it is fit for purpose, whether they are co-packing or you are.

Designing an aesthetically pleasing display unit is one thing but designing and manufacturing an aesthetically appealing display unit that can be filled/loaded, distributed to store and restocked in-store and still look as good as it did when it rolled off the production line, is something else.

Ideally your supplier would complete different tests, perhaps loaded at Location A, transported and then returned for unloading to the same location, or maybe from Location A to your premises or to your retailers distribution centre.

Transit Test

Ask your supplier to provide photographic evidence that confirms your display design is fit for purpose. We would suggest photographs be taken at various stages including:

-display being loaded with product prior to shipping

-product being loaded, loaded vehicle

-units being unloaded 

-unit once unwrapped.

Tesco Catalogue Pallet Units

Alternatively, ask your supplier to provide sample units that you can transit test yourself and see how they perform under pressure.

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