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What is a FSDU, part 1

F.S.D.U. – Floor Standing Display Unit

Any free standing merchandising display unit will fall under the description of FSDU.

FSDUs ensure that branded products get off the retail shelves and gain greater exposure in prime hot spot locations in stores to ensure that the products Stands Out From The Crowd. The FSDU will greatly promote impulse buying and assist the consumer in selecting the product amidst an abundance of alternatives.

At Easypack all our FSDUs are bespoke and designed to suit the varied products on display and also each client’s individual requirements. However, there are also some standard designs which use the most common dimensions and so have the versatility to suit many products and retail categories.

The first question in determining what sort of FSDU is required is:

Will the display unit be shipped to store as a FLAT-PACK or as a PRE-FILLED FSDU?


In PART 1, lets’s start with Flat-Packed FSDUs

The flat-packed FSDU cuts down on shipping charges and in many cases can be easily transported in cars for installation by merchandising teams. Alternatively FSDUs can be delivered directly to stores for easy assembly.

There are many options for the style of flat-packed display units but the deciding factors on which FSDU will suit the client’s brief will be determined by:

  • What product(s) will be displayed?
  • How many products are to be on display?
  • Where (which retailers) will be taking the FSDU?

Here’s a few options:

Pop Up FSDUs

At Easypack, we offer POP UP technology. As a result of ongoing development, we have a wide range of merchandising units which pop into life with no fuss.

Maxxium Autostack FSDU

  •  2 or 3 shelf options available
  •  Small footprint- suitable for small stores or anywhere floorspace is limited
  •  No assembly involved– display just pops into shape
  •  Merchandiser friendly

Additional lug-on attachments can also be added to any FSDU to provide definition and a little pizazz.


Multi Shelf FSDUs

Developed in full consultation with leading Grocery Multiples and Convenience specialists, a group of easy to assemble shelved units are available.

Pet Food FSDU

  •  Tesco, Asda Morrisons and Sainsbury Approved
  •  3 minute assembly
  •  Small footprint
  •  Flat-packing
  •  Maximum stockholding


Stacker FSDUs

This simple display concept provides an instant ‘dress- up’ for cased products and indeed any product that suits a stacked style of merchandising.

Shrud Stacker FSDU

A shroud very simply slips over the products  to create an attractive display with full branding.

  • Small footprint
  • Instant assembly
  • Merchandiser friendly



Single serve ambient products are ideally suited to the popular hexagonal dumpbins . Easy to assemble and even easier to merchandise, the dumpbin provides ample space to stack products and is extremely durable.

Rockstar  Drinks Dumpbin


Although, the hexagonal is the most popular dumpbin of choice, other  bins are available, including the roundel and the square shape which may blend better with the client’s artwork or marketing theme.

Square Dumpbin


Leaflet dispensers, hooks for hanging merchandise or angled shelving and dividers can be combined with most FSDUs to allow for cross promotions.

Cross Promotional FSDU    Cocktail GlassKA Dumpbin Standee

The design  possibilities for a flat-packed FSDU are endless with a little imagination and a lot of skill we can create the perfect in-store marketing display.


For more information and assistance with any Flat-Pack FSDU enquiries

please call 01638 715922 or e-mail