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#EasypackPOPhelp: When in doubt, use a Dumpbin for merchandising

#EasypackPOPhelp: DUMPBINS are King


POPAI UK & Ireland found as part of in-store research in 2012 that the humble ‘dumpbin’ had the greatest impact in shoppers over pallet or case stock displays.



Analysing your customer’s in-store behaviour allows you to determine the best POS/POP marketing option. What path do they follow when they walk through a store? Having your displays/products placed along this patch will naturally achieve greater visibility and encourage impulse purchases.

Vertically blocked displays achieve better results as they stimulate our natural, subliminal urges to survey the landscape in search of large predators– in this case, the POP display positioned to ‘attack’ the shoppers by engaging their senses.

Images are the key methods of engagements as we primarily respond to ‘pretty pictures’. You can literally have only a second to hold attention once the initial contact/engagement has been made so the ‘words’ or marketing message should be kept to a minimum. According to POPAI’s research ‘shoppers are walking down the aisle at 0.5 to 1.5 mph’. Key words such as ‘NEW’ or pricing (‘£1’ rather than ‘double loyalty points for two packs’) would achieve better results.

Like the property market one of the key factors for a successful POP Display is:


The dumpbin is the ideal display unit to attract the customer as it’s small footprint allows it to be positioned in many places throughout a large store but it is also compact enough for a corner shop retailer.


The dumpbin can be hexagonal in shape, round or square but its’ print/ message is visible from all angles. One piece of material is used to create the base shape as it wraps around to form the design and so this also makes for a cost effective print production.

Round dumpbin

Die-cut headers can also be added to display to create a more interesting effect and add to the attraction.

LED lights or motion activated voice modules can also add interest though sound and movement.

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