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#EasypackPOPhelp: Flat-packed or Pre-Filled POP Displays


Should it be a Flat-packed or Pre-Filled POP Display?

Which is the best delivery /distribution option for you?


Because of the complexity of assembling displays by untrained staff and therefore the high level of non-compliance in store you may wish to choose an End to End Solutions Supplier who can offer a service whereby the displays are pre-built before shipping. As you may know, many of the larger retailers actually now have a policy of not building anything themselves in store.

Of course, if this level of service is not required then you should ensure that when sent out flat packed your displays arrive with a clear set of assembly instructions that are easy to follow. For larger retailers these would then have to go in via a specialist merchandising company who would undertake the assembly. You should keep an eye on the associated costs however, as this method entails another process, it can extend timelines and it creates another step in the chain, with yet another supplier, where something could go wrong.

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Once your units are assembled and/or packed and ready to dispatch there are a number of processes that might be followed. Your displays may


• Shipped in bulk to yours, or your customer’s premises.

• Shipped in bulk to the retailers’ distribution centres for onward transit to individual stores.

• Shipped individually direct to store. The process required will often depend on the type of display being used and the customer or retailer in question.

Ideally, your supplier would shoulder the responsibility of liaising with the distribution companies to ensure yours or your customers’ product.

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