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How Regularly Do you ‘Re-Invent’ Your Retail Space? Who are you today?

There are very few business sectors that are quite as pre-disposed to reinvention as the retail industry. With a history spanning thousands of years, the business of selling goods to consumers’ in-store has been forced to repeatedly adapt itself to the changing economic environments and public expectations.

‘Creative destruction’, as it came to be called in the twentieth century, has become an essential stage in the progression of the retail industry, as the face of retail continues to develop.

The modern retail environment and purchasing habits have evolved considerably since the days of small market traders and local butchers, bakers and candle stick makers. The modern ‘super consumer’ now expects retail outlets to be finely tuned to their personal, ever-changing needs; to respond in real time, and to offer pertinent information to allow them to make a qualified purchasing decision. Whether through in-store marketing such as POP displays and POS materials or through blended on-and-offline retailing and omni-channel or mobile marketing, today’s consumer wants to know instantly what their choices are in competitive products, their USPs and special pricing offers.

Flexibility and agility are part of the Retail Industry’s DNA. This industry can’t stand still, it must evolve with its’ customers and become not only part of the Brave New Retail World but be a leader, not merely a follower.

Brands and retailers must ‘re-invent’ themselves to keep current and look for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. It doesn’t always have to be an upgrade of the ‘product’ such as Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse either.pic1


1928                 <->                     2013

You could use interactive print such as QR codes, like the one below, linking the consumer to your website and range of products or services, glamorous TV advertising or unique in-store POP displays, but at all times you must engage the consumer from numerous angles to progress and build your relationship with them.


Without making any dramatic changes companies/brands can simply clarify the benefits of what they offer to show off their assets. You just need to sell yourself in a different way.

Whatever you do however, it is critical to define yourself and/or your brand:

Why should I buy from you?

Who are you?
What is your Mission?
What are your USPs (from the buyers perspective)?
Where do you fit in the market place in 2013/14?

At Easypack we like to help our clients to keep ahead of the pack and to assist them to find their place in the market. We like to test new things and we certainly love a challenge.

A re-design of our website was recently completed to showcase our strengths and highlight our investment in new printing technology. Our company has improved in so many different ways, some quite dramatically, over the last few years and we’re shouting about it on social media platforms too (@EasypackPOP  & Easypack POP Displays on facebook ).

To create great POP Displays you not only need to grab the attention of your customers; they must be well designed and visually appealing. Ideally the display should ‘leap out’ at you and demand your attention. This is what we do best. To do this, you need creative energy, an understanding of the retail industry and innovative thinking.

Recently, we were lucky enough to work on something a little bit different.

Mr Walt Disney once said;

‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’

Easypack dared to dream when our client had a rather unusual marketing request.

Name dropping of course but, Disneyland Paris, needed a large interactive display for use at Travel Agent Conferences throughout Europe.  Simple, right? Well, yes, if you know what you’re doing.

The display was to be designed to use as a friendly competitive game amongst travel agents. It was to be designed to encourage team-building while promoting the USPs of holidays to the Disneyland Paris Resort. The display would also need to be simple enough to assemble quickly and easily transportable. It was intended to be used at up to 30 different conference venues throughout Europe so it also had to be robust.

Disney’s graphic design agency, Front Page, had settled on an iconic graphic concept – the famous Disney Castle but with Tinkerbell in the foreground, fluttering around amongst brightly coloured shooting stars.


The client was looking for an imposing height of around 2 metres for the display. The nature of the artwork itself determined a towering sort of pyramid shape. So, this became the overall structure of the display, it was to be approximately 1200mm wide by 1900mm high by 400mm deep.

So, we now had a graphic design and rough dimensions but – how would we make it work? How should it be constructed to create a ‘game’ or ‘puzzle’ for the participants at the conference?

It couldn’t be overly-complicated as the competitive game would have to be completed within a few minutes.

We kept the structural concept simple –

  • Building blocks would work.
  • A lego-style way of piecing the blocks together in an almost jigsaw type puzzle should keep it easy to use.

And so the Disneyland Paris Castle Puzzle was created:


A strong, durable but maleable display board material would be used to allow the block shapes to be folded into shape but also easily de-constructed to move to the next conference location. The puzzle would need to be flat-packed to be assembled & disassembled many times, so it had to be small enough to be easily transported in a car ( 1263mm x 818mm x 43mm dimensions) with a tough outer packaging to avoid any damage during transit.

This unique interactive game would hopefully develop team building and friendly competition at the retail conferences as travel agents pieced the various blocks together to create the overall picture of the spectacular Disney Castle.

Let me set the timer to see how quickly I can complete the puzzle (I promise this is my first try).

Now if you dare to dream, I’m sure that we can come up with something equally spectacular.

If you would like some help to re-invent your retail space please contact us at:

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