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New XY Axis Gluing Table Added to Easypack/POP Displays Group Plant List

Technology is a wonderful thing, it’s something the wider Fencor Packaging Group has cheerfully embraced for a long time and last week saw the latest piece of technology delivered, installed and commissioned at the Easypack/POP Displays site in Suffolk.

A shiny new Bickers XY Glue Jet table is now central in the finishing department and is ready to make a big difference to the consistency and efficiency of the gluing operation.

As it employs multi-axis, servo-controlled adhesive dispensers it’s incredibly versatile and flexible for the display sector (as well as other packaging areas). It can apply hot melt adhesives and cold PVA glue together in a single operation to small and large surfaces using as many as four different application procedures.

As the hot melt adhesive is pressure sensitive it remains in a useable state long enough to allow for very complex assemblies. As four items are able to be controlled and processed independently there are almost no limitations to the possible geometry of the application of the adhesives.

The digital programming is aided by a laser pointer for perfect accuracy and once programmed the pattern can be saved for future use ensuring consistency of glue pattern and the ability to replicate extremely strong and flexible joints.

As with all good computer controlled technology this new gluing table can be accessed remotely at a distance should there ever be any need to.

It’s a great addition to the existing plant and will increase the efficiency and productivity of the plant.

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