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New Year, New Opportunities

bombadierThe New Year is well under way now. Hopefully you’ve had a great start, business is going well and 2014 is set to be an excellent year for you, full of opportunity and potential.

Serious business growth requires great vision and innovation as well as hard work, and Easypack will use all available resources to ensure your retail POP display solutions help you capitalise on your opportunities and fully realise your potential.

2013 was a very hectic year for a great number of our clients and also for us. A number of major investments were made including the addition of a new large format digital printer  and a new auto digital die cutter  which, together, greatly increase the speed to market for retail POP display packaging. The opening of a newly fitted-out co-packing and kitting facility has enabled our capacity and capabilities to rise dramatically from the 2.1 million cases packed for clients in 2013.

Having developed and produced hundreds of thousands of creative Point of Purchase products to the retail markets this year, we’re naturally delighted. The industry demand for speed-to-market has definitely increased this past year as retailers strive to meet the consumers’ need for instant gratification. So this year, the new digital press and digital cutter will certainly come in handy to fulfil this ever increasing demand.

With clients benefiting from faster turnaround times, very competitive prices on short runs and our ability to offer variations and personalisation on longer print runs, it’s time to take stock of what we have, what has been accomplished and the goals set for 2014; and that includes new members to the team

There have been a number of new team members welcomed in the last few months:

  • Business Development: Richard Povey is experienced in a range of business roles from manufacturing and logistics to the account management of leading retail multiples. Having launched products into retail chains, he has a great empathy for brands which gives him a unique insight into the pressures faced by our customers. Richard brings many skills to the Easypack team and with an Honours Degree in Zoology he also has an ability to ‘talk to the animals’, which can only be a plus.
  • Business Development & Marketing: Annette Christie-With a B.A. in Dramatic Studies, Annette’s theatrical training and background in communication skills allows her to build great business relationships while project managing complex POP campaigns and marketing Easypack’s products and services. Having worked within the retail environment for over 20 years Annette has hands on experience of what our retail clients expect and can offer viable, yet unique, proposals for each one with an artistic flair. Here’s Annette being artistic on You Tube
  • CAD Design: Mark Cheeseman is an all-rounder. He’s been involved in Design, Production, IT, Estimating and Sales for many years. His versatility and innovative design skills are adding an extra dimension to our already accomplished design department.
  • General Manager: David Wright has a wealth of experience in the Display and Point of Purchase arena. He has an Honours degree in Packaging Design and Communication from Sheffield Hallam University and has been working in the Display sector for the last twelve years. With a background in both design and sales David thoroughly understands the customer’s needs and under his guidance our team is thriving. He has big plans for 2014 and will continue to find the right packaging and display solution for each of our very varied customers.
  • Group Operations Director: Adrian Kelly has a broad range of operational experience in the retail and brand delivery environment dealing with many blue chip companies. He also has a vast knowledge of print which he has gained during working in the industry for the last 30 years. He has a conscientious, energetic and inquisitive nature which is daily demonstrated in his passion for improvement both personally and professionally. His goal at Easypack is to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, with additional focus on business systems, client facing technology and customer service. Adrian’s determination and passion is proving to be an inspiration to our team.                                       

Here’s wishing you all the very best success with your Print/POP marketing campaigns throughout 2014. Let us know if we can help, we’ll be happy to hear from you.