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Omni-Channel Marketing and the Importance of Eye POPping Displays In Store

Over the last 20 or so years Point of Purchase displays have become the bedrock of successful retail marketing campaigns. In store these displays are positioned where consumers can immediately see and feel the products, so it’s essential that the displays immediately grab the shoppers’ attention with eye-catching designs. At Easypack POP Display, we have been designing and manufacturing POP displays for companies around the country for over 30 years, and we continue to be inspired by the innovation of the British public. Manufacturers around the U.K are introducing products using new marketing methods that include social media and mobile messaging. The team at Easypack makes it a priority to work closely with marketers to design and build point of purchase displays that effectively reinforce a company’s message and sell the product. We always pay special attention to the uniqueness of each product before designing each bespoke Point of Purchase display.

Bombardier Standee

With the knowledge that half of the adult population in the U.K. uses smart phones, marketers have devised ways to drive sales both in-store and online. One strategy includes cross-marketing social media messages with in-store Point of Purchase displays. We’ll work with you to incorporate your multi-media message into your POP display. We suggest methods for testing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign through the use of interactive tools that can include games, data access and customer loyalty programs.

As manufacturing methods continue to improve, we remain committed to using the newest and most effective technology. Gone are the days of a simple ‘Special Offer’ sign propped in a store window. From low run production for test markets to full scale production of thousands, today’s custom POP displays draw attention with 3-D elements, mechanical widgets, voice modules, motion sensors and other marketing tools.

A Point of Purchase display must also reach the consumer on an emotional level – that is why our Easypack’s POP displays are designed not only to prompt a positive response but also to make a direct correlation with your marketing message.


Easypack’s business development team will collaborate with your sales and marketing departments throughout your POP project to ensure that the displays will have the most cost effective production processes and the simplest of assembly methods whilst remaining compliant with in-store retailer display requirements and enhancing your brand’s omni-channel marketing communications.

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