Oreo Cookie Submarine Temporary POP Display wins Gold and Bronze at 2018 POPAI Awards

Having been nominated in May 2018 for an award at the industry’s prestigious UK and Ireland POPAI Awards, we were excited to attend the event held in London on 9th October.

The nomination was for our Oreo Cookie Submarine POP Display, developed for our client TMS, that was created for placement in the larger Tesco Extra stores.

It was a fabulous evening with plenty of strong competition and an element of friendly rivalry.

The evening was made for us when it was announced that our entry had place first in the confectionery category for the temporary displays class and picked up the Gold Award … but we were doubly delighted to find that we had also won the Bronze in the overall Temporary Display of the Year!

What was particularly pleasing was the judges’ comments which described the display as;

“Strong design and bold use of colour, with the implied movement linking to the dunking theme. The unit is easily shoppable and carries plenty of stock. It works well, is different and represents good value.”

The judges statements were much welcomed by Chris Hall, Fencor Group Business Development Director, who declared;

“We were really pleased with the judges’ comments, it was particularly insightful that they recognised it represents good value as it’s a primary focus for us to get the balance right for our clients between innovative creativity and value for money. This POP Display is a great example of that ethos and delivered perfectly on the objectives of the client.”

The Oreo Cookie Submarine proved to be particularly successful in convincing Tesco to give the clients Field Sales Team the opportunity to sell it in on a store-by-store basis to their larger Tesco Extra Stores. It was a major triumph as, previously, Tesco had not been open to the brand, and it had not been possible to gain new front of store retail positioning – but when Tesco were shown the concept, they loved it.

Here’s how we inspire, create and deliver these POP Displays.

This POP display unit was designed and developed to overcome the specific challenges associated with an open, front of store position. The immovable ‘must have’s’ with which we were charged, were to;

  • Succeed in producing a design that would absolutely stand out.
  • Make a very strong initial impression for shoppers.
  • Have the ability to be shopped around 360-degrees.
  • Establish a compelling connection with the “Dunk and Win” activation promotion
    on the pack.
  • Communicate a strong retail offer.


All in extremely busy, high-footfall retail situations in the entrance area of the stores.

Due to the board materials used, this POP display is sustainable as well as fully recyclable. It can be recycled via Tesco’s recycling partners.

The displays succeeded in achieving, for both the brand and the retailers, a very successful performance with its marketing goals in the store environment. Oreo’s distinctive brand cues of ‘Oreo Blue’ and the logo were distinctly conveyed all over the submarine and the cookie. The submarine being totally original, and ‘dunking’ into a sea of milk, links perfectly to Oreo’s ‘Dunk and Win’ campaign – which is all about taking an Oreo cookie and dunking into a glass of milk.

As the Field Marketing Team was able to place the displays in store they were correctly assembled, very well positioned and fully stocked, which maximised the brands promotional impact to the customer.

All of these factors contributed to the success of the Oreo Cookie Submarine unit, ensuring it was well received in-store by the retailers and customers alike and, importantly, well shopped.

It probably would go without saying but, the Easypack/POP Display Team and the TMS Team are both absolutely delighted with winning two such prestigious awards for a POP Display that absolutely delivered on all its objectives for the customer.