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CDU’s & Standees

CDU’s and Standees that Demand Attention

The number of different types of CDU’s (Counter Display Unit’s) and standees that could possibly be created is huge.

CDU’s and standees are both highly effective but do slightly different jobs. CDU’s (generally) display small product lines at the Point of Sale whereas a standee advertises a product or service, drawing a customer’s attention to the offer. Standees, are excellent at communicating a very strong visual message. They can be large or small and can really grab the attention of your customers. They can be die-cut to characterise people, animals or any other product or entity and the quality of print possible is excellent, making the possibilities virtually endless.

Even the largest of standees can be stored in the back of a car to be assembled in seconds at destination, which makes them a really valuable addition to your promotional display arsenal. Any brand, company or product can be promoted.

CDU’s are perfect for counter top display or even shelf top display where space may be limited. Again, they’re extremely versatile and can be virtually any size, shape, design or colour with or without inserts, partitions, hangers or other display elements.

CDU’s are probably the ultimate in Point of Purchase (POP) display or Point of Sale (POS) display as they’re also known. They can make the best use of even the smallest space to display and sell products. Superb for last minute impulse purchases and ‘add ons’ such as confectionery, stationery, cosmetics or anything else relatively small – the sky really is the limit when using CDU’s to promote sales. As they’re usually smaller in size and therefore easy to deliver, they can be stocked and shipped pre-filled and ready to retail.

If you have any questions or you’d like to consider how best to use CDU’s or standees for your business please contact us now, we’re here to help you get it right.