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Celled, Hooked and Waterfall Display Units

Celled, Hooked and Waterfall Display Units – Promoting Everything, from Books and Records to Bird Seed and Confectionery

Celled display units, Hooked display units and Waterfall Units are highly effective for promoting and displaying smaller items that face toward your customer, everything from batteries and toys to books and DVDs.

An advantage of multi-celled units is that they can be used to promote a variety of products on one unit. If a particular book collection, such as the Harry Potter series or the back catalogue for Ed Sheeran or The Beatles, needed to be promoted – the whole series could be offered for sale in a very eye catching way on one unit. It’s a great way to maximise the utilisation of your retail footprint.

As with all our other corrugated cardboard display units, these units can be designed and printed with your branding, colours and imagery to project the products to be sold towards your customers.

There’s no shortage of ideas for using celled unit displays. Like many of our display merchandising units, the celled units can be delivered flat packed for better storage or they can be pre-assembled, pre-filled and delivered straight to store ready for merchandising and selling through to customers. What could you use yours for?

If you’d like to ask any questions or discuss your requirements for celled, hooked and waterfall display units, please contact our team now and we’ll be happy to help you get the best from yours.