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Co-Packing, Kitting and Distribution of Small and Large Volumes for Your Specific Needs

Where promotions are concerned, customers are – understandably – demanding. We understand that. As we are fully approved to the major multiples, we also understand the critical importance of ‘in-depot’ dates.

Having your goods in-store exactly when you need them there is something else you will never need to be concerned about as our co-packing operation achieves a validated delivery success rate of 99.5%, consistently, year on year. You’ll get the service you require and deserve because Easypack’s Co-packing Team are some of the kitting and co-packing industry’s most experienced.

The warehouse itself, with its clear span space and lack of obstacles, ensure working space and access are as uninterrupted as possible to maximise capacity and speed of operations. The exacting standard required by all leading retailers are exceeded in our 30,000sq.ft warehouse, which has been refitted specifically to minimise the time required to complete your project.

Hydraulic docking bays ensure faster turnaround times, reducing outbound and inbound vehicle waiting times and a greater number of stock turns per shift. Collectively, these things ensure you get the most cost effective and accurate route to market. With added services including fulfilment, pick and dispatch and stock and serve, you can be positive everything is covered.

The break down and re-configuring of your stock, its modification, re-working and re-labelling are all controlled and managed by our experienced, time served Warehouse Team. The sourcing of additional specialist packaging, kitting for merchandising and bundling are also part of their remit. In co-operation with their colleagues, who are skilled and experienced Pack Designers, Manufacturers and Assemblers – this gives you a complete End-to-End solution should you need it?

With a resource as flexible as this available to you, you’re able to make different decisions, such as being able to utilise a stock call off process to drip feed your production lines at an agreed rate.

The co-packing warehouse was specifically tailored to increase its huge capacity for pre-assembly, co-packing and kitting of display units – all of which are delivered by our long term, trusted Logistics Partners.

Please contact us to discuss your co-packing and distribution needs .