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Half & Full Pallet Displays

Half and Full Pallet Displays – Cost Effective Displays That ‘Shout’ to Your Customers

Full or half pallet displays of corrugated cardboard are a perfect way to present a considerable volume of merchandise ready to sell through.

As half and full pallet displays can sell such significant numbers of products they are very cost effective. Colourful and creative designs can make a real impact and stimulate customers toward your displays. These sizeable displays can ‘shout’ to your customers, make them take notice and tempt them to buy your goods. They can be very hard to ignore when designed properly.

What works best for you, flat packed units or pre-packed displays delivered straight to store ready to sell through? The latter is most commonly chosen as the units are sited where you want them, the transit sleeves removed and they’re ready to go to work.

Half and full pallet displays are very easy to break down and recycle once they are empty because they’re made from a range of corrugated cardboard grades. When a merchandising unit has been emptied of product, it’s easy to replace it quickly so that the time products are available to customers is maximised. You don’t want your customers passing empty pallet displays.

There is a full range of sizes for you to choose from including quarter pallet, half pallet, full pallet or bespoke manufacture. Your display units can be created to fit wheeled plastic pallets specific to each individual retailer as needed.

With such a diverse variety of products for merchandising, it follows that your displays will be specifically designed, in line with your marketing and supply chain needs, for your particular products. If required, the inner fittings can also be designed to perfectly suit and fit your products – all without the need to order large quantities.

To find out how we can help you with your full and half pallet merchandising units, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.