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Hod Units & Quickboxes

Hod Display Units and Quickboxes

Hod units, for displaying products in-store, are floor standing units which are ideal for the retail display of a range of different products but are particularly suited to displaying pre-packaged items which are not overly heavy. Quickboxes are a variation on the hod display, they tend to be smaller, are assembled very quickly and made ready to sell through in store immediately.

Hod Units store the top bin and header unit in the displays base, a highly cost effective method which reduces transport costs. In-store, the top bin and header lift out and sit on the base section making a great looking presentation which is very appealing for your customers to shop for your products. By inserting shelves into a hod unit, it can be used to exhibit numerous different products on one unit, again very cost effective and very good for the cross-selling of related products.

Your hod units can either be delivered to store flat-packed ready for assembly and stocking or pre-assembled and pre-filled ready to be placed and sell through immediately. Hod units are a flexible and versatile selling tool, with displays available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can often be used to sell where larger display units can’t.

The choices you have with style and print means your hod units, like the majority of cardboard displays, can help you to promote your brand, increase awareness and, importantly, sell products to your customers.

To discuss more about using hod bins, please contact us now and we’ll be very happy to help.