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Merchandising Units

Merchandising Units – Also known as Dollies /K-Roll / UDP’s / RDP’s

Although there are a number of different names used for merchandising units, one thing remains consistent – the size – they’re large! With a footprint of 800mm x 600mm and their general bulk they are easier to identify from a distance, which makes them great for pulling customers towards them from the opposite end of the aisle, for example.

Merchandising units are ideal for offering bulky, large or heavy items – such as store catalogues, filled bottles or jars – the type of products where a larger amount of display and floor area is needed. Dollies / K-Roll / UDP and RDP merchandising units are very often delivered straight into retail stores ready to sell through. They’ll arrive full of product with a cover or sleeve protector which is then removed on the shop floor. Most, the vast majority, of merchandising units are sent transported pre-filled with products but they can, if needed, be flat packed for assembly in store or at a packing plant.

All our merchandising units can, of course, be recycled if they aren’t required to be restocked. Any transit cases used to protect the display units during transportation can simply be recycled when removed. Attention grabbing promotional headers, perhaps die cut for additional impact, can be added to any merchandising unit to assist in ‘catching the eye’ of your customers as they shop. As you can see from the photos in the gallery, everything from catalogues and magazines to gravy powder, disposable nappies and jars of curry sauce can be displayed for sale in bulk.

Let us know what you’d like to promote and we’ll be pleased to talk it through with you and answer your questions.