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Printed Cardboard Packaging

High Quality, Cost Effective, Digital Print for Printed Cardboard Packaging

For short to medium size runs, up to about 10,000 units or so, high quality printed cardboard packaging, close to litho quality, can be completed on our digital presses. A run of 10,000 or below often simply doesn’t justify the set up and cleaning costs associated with flexo and litho machines. The time taken for machine setting is one thing, the manufacture of printing plates is another. Between them they make the case for digital print even more compelling.

In the past, digital print was noticeably inferior to litho, historically used for longer runs, but with the advance of technology, the quality of the digital printing presses, we invest in, has improved exponentially.

The size of the machine beds on our digital machines allow for two or three variants. i.e. a splash of yellow or red etc. which can all be done simply on digital and, more importantly, at no additional cost. So, if you have, for example, different geographical locations or variations of the same product, you can have them all done at the same time, on the same press with no additional cost, quickly and easily.

The output quality of our digital presses now allows us to get extremely close to litho, so close that, those not in the industry, would struggle to differentiate them.

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