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Quarter Pallet Displays

The footprint of quarter pallet displays, which are also called ¼ pallet display units, is generally a footprint of 600mm x 500mm or 600mm x 400mm and can be used differently to larger units.

Quarter pallets are very versatile, they can utilise shelves in the unit to display a number of separate products or bulk filled with one product. When bulk filled, quarter pallet displays can be stabilised with layer cards.

Despite having a relatively small footprint, the ability of quarter pallet displays to sell through is high.

With promotional, highly stylised headers and the use of colour, a broad selection of products can be promoted and offered. Retail stores will often cross-sell related products very effectively by co-promoting them on the same quarter pallet unit.

You have a choice of how you have your quarter pallet display units delivered. They can be flat packed for ease of storage and transport to the store where they can be assembled and stocked or, alternatively they can be pre-assembled and pre-filled being shipped to store.

Your display unit’s ability to capture and maintain your potential customers’ attention can be greatly impacted by the design and use of graphics and colour. Quarter pallet displays can be very effective at competing for attention, something even the most recognised brands need.

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