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The Shopper’s Journey

The Shopper’s Journey –How do we get the customer engaged with the brand or the product?

What does shopper marketing mean to you?

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Journey – what are the ‘buying  triggers? What level of research (if any) is required by the customer prior to reaching the store

Environment – where are the products merchandised in store? How does the consumer find it? What POS opportunities are there? What/who are the competitors?

Category – what are the category rules to be obeyed or broken? What does the future hold? What can be learnt from other categories? Is there best practice in other markets?

We’ve been talking about engaging with shoppers long before the ‘shopper marketing’ term was coined and became one of the hottest marketing subjects on most FMCG board room tables. For us it’s about persuasion and enlightenment as a shopper journeys through the various stages of the purchase decision, harnessing the touch points to deliver key sales messages.

For every product and service bought shoppers go on a journey.  It may take seconds, days or months; they may stop, reverse or accelerate and overtake some elements; but what’s crucial is that the retailer or brand understands the insights, opportunities and triggers that this journey presents.

  • The awakening – It dawns on the consumer that they have a need for a certain type of product and so they become a shopper, i.e. a person with a purpose. At this point the consumer’s knowledge is typically low but their hopes and expectations are high and  they are looking for inspiration.
  • The crossing – Shopper explores choices  of product spec, brands, price and source and looks for clues through varied market research strategies. They learn, evaluate and seeks the appropriate level of information to feel informed.
  • The flare – Today’s educated shopper  sends out signals that he/she is receptive and eager for guidance and offers. They want brands and peer advice to come to them (via above and below the line marketing, social media etc)
  • The cut – What was a casual exploration behaviour turns to narrowing options for deeper engagement. This may be retailer or brand led. Who will make the ‘cut’?
  • The benefit analysis – In some markets as the shopper closes in on the prize they weigh up the cost Versus the benefit, make compromises, study fine print and logistics, and  look for deal-makers and breakers. This is where Point of Purchase displays and in-store marketing can make a vital contribution as an ‘unknown’ or competitor brand can position themselves at the forefront (front & centre) with an attractive display to draw focus away from other brands and highlight their unique ‘offers’.
  • The moment of truth – The final decision is made of who, where and what is selected. They approach the brand on a mission and part with money to secure the prize.
  • The homecoming – The prize is in the shopper’s possession, ready to be used.

Point of Sale/Pont of Purchase can be the deciding factor in the shopper’s journey and make a significant impact on the success of retail brands.

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