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Well it all starts today!


Some have been desperate for it, some have been dreading it, whichever camp you fall into one thing is for sure – you can’t ignore it.

The World Cup begins today in Brazil and we’ve been very busy designing, manufacturing and delivering retail ready displays for a number of clients. It’s essential that their promotions are in place, front and centre in good time, and perfectly poised to present their products to customers as they shop.

Whether you are a football fan or not, the air of celebration and festivity is sure to be a good one – parties, barbecues, late nights in front of a big screen playing the part of the pundits, and who knows who will be celebrating and who will be commiserating.

On a personal note, good luck England, but whichever country you support have a great time watching the games and (almost as much) good luck to you too!

Here’s wishing all football fans a fantastic, nail biting and thoroughly enjoyable World Cup 2014.